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NASA sends baby squids to test the effects of space travel on small creatures

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that the latest inventories sent up to the International Space Station are There was also a baby squid that had just hatched that came out. to participate in the experiment on the effects of space travel on small creatures

News reports indicate that the SpaceX Dragon SLOT XO spacecraft that serves to deliver supplies from Earth up to the International Space Station. departed from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday. with a mission to deliver the baby squid along with scientific experimental equipment solar panel and other supplies with a total weight of more than 3,300 kg

The squid that participated in this space journey were Bobtail Squid squids (elephant ear squid, cartoon squid, or pocket squid), which were chosen as part of the project. Understanding of Microgravity on Animal – Microbe Interactions (UMAMI), which aims to examine the impact of space travel on chemical and molecular interactions. between beneficial microorganisms and the organisms they inhabit To help scientists better understand the role gravity plays in defining these interactions.

Jamie Foster, microbiologist from the University of Florida told reporters during a press conference at NASA. at the beginning of the week that both human and animal They have beneficial microorganisms that live and eat. and help the body perform basic functions such as the digestive system which is important for the health of living things

Foster said astronauts in space frequently have problems with their immune systems. And that problem is considered quite dangerous. If unable to see a doctor or get treatment in a timely manner

Foster also explained that Squids have an immune system similar to that of humans. Even being a creature with a more simple structure. But that's why it's easy to study.

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station on Saturday. according to US Eastern time

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