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When British aircraft carriers support Japan, point to China's throat.

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When British aircraft carriers support Japan, point to China's throat.
The arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) is aเกมสล็อตdangerous signal that could exacerbate the Asian (or Indo-Pacific) conflict.
HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) is the lead ship of the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier and the Royal Navy's flagship ship. Capable of carrying 60 aircraft, it was named in honor of the World War I ship HMS Queen Elizabeth, both named after Queen Elizabeth I.

2. Queen Elizabeth will serve as an integral part of the UK Carrier Strike Group fleet, while serving will consist of escort and support ships. The purpose is to facilitate the performance of power outside the country or Power projection.

3. Power projection is one of the aims of the UK's hopes of returning to the top of the world power, and the UK Carrier Strike Group has been instrumental in showing off the UK's power outside the country. and the most recent operation is the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group 21 or CSG21.

4. CSG21 is seen as the starting point for the UK government's inclination to get involved in Indo-Pacific politics in terms of national defense and foreign policy. And for the first time ever, a Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier has joined the fleet, and the CSG21 has been called the "The most intense sea and air force to leave the UK in this era."

5. CSG21 has a clear target to provoke China. In April 2021, it moves to train with the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean. before docking at the British Naval Base in Singapore then entered the disputed area in the South China Sea to emphasize "Freedom of Navigation" in the area

6. After a short stopover with regional allies, this week the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier arrived in a Japanese port. In a mission to increase pressure on China by combining forces with Japan, the United States and its allies, to more clearly demonstrate maritime power in the region.

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7. “The landing at the Japanese port by the British Attack Squadron. And the joint exercises show the will of our two countries,” Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said Monday at Yokosuka base where the US aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan is docked.

8. “The defense cooperation between Japan and the UK has not only contributed to the security of our country. but also the peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific and the international community. while addressing global issues.”

9. Kishi's words don't mention China. But it clearly reflects China. Especially after the Japanese government made it clear that if Taiwan was attacked (by China), Japan would come to the rescue. And since then, more and more US allies have taken the same stance.

10. In Japan's latest national defense strategy document listed China as a major national security threat. and said there "crisis awareness" about Taiwan as China's military activities around Taiwan has intensified

11. In July An editorial in some Chinese state-run Global Times warned that China may need to retaliate against its fleet.

Addressing the United Kingdom and its allied attack forces in particular, it said: "We strongly warn this group that They need to be controlled and abide by the rules.”

12. The British Ministry of Defense said at that time that Such power transmission is a show. "Confident, but not confrontational," as Commodore Steve Moorehouse said at a briefing on Friday. HMS Queen Elizabeth travel to Japan that “One of the purposes of this mission is to signal the beginning of commitment. The prominence of the region has increased dramatically.”