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“Wrinkled on the earlobes” a sign of danger from illness.

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“Wrinkled on the earlobe” can be a dangerousสมัครสมาชิก SLOTXOsign of the risk of serious illness. Check to see if there are wrinkles like this on your ears. especially the elderly
Dr. Warayuvadee Amornpinyo (Dr. Jeab), a dermatologist specializing in From the Facebook page HELLO SKIN by a dermatologist listed on the Facebook page HELLO SKIN by a dermatologist about earlobe wrinkles called Frank's sign or Diagonal earlobe crease (DELC) as follows:
Frank badge or diagonal earlobe (DELC)

Frank's mark, or Diagonal earlobe crease (DELC), is a line that extends from the diagonal tragus to the edge of the earlobe at least two-thirds the length of the earlobe. Most will be at an angle of about 45° with at least one line. and may be found in one or both ears without a puncture. Frequent sleep or post-traumatic injuries

such ear marks It is believed to be caused by a hardening mechanism in the arteries. This may be a result of many factors such as genetics, the structure of small blood vessels. (microstructure) or circulatory system (vessel hemodynamics).