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Google could make you "dementia" even more.

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on: July 25, 2021, 11:27:23 pm
As life gets closer to technology Convenience in life is more We do not need to remember the สมัครsuperslot phone number. Friend's house number anymore Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, in the mind is not necessary. Or even looking for words in a foreign language And other information We can find answers at your fingertips, clicking through Google, no matter what you find.
But using Google regularly can increase your risk of "dementia".
In a 2011 study, Google Effects on Memory: Cognitive Consequences of Having Information at Our Fingertips (Google's Impact on Memory: The Outcome of the Thinking Process). Of obtaining information through fingertips) that collects data from students They found that they were unable to remember any information from the past because they were confident it was searchable through Google.
Christopher Winter, neuroscientist in Virginia The United States states that our brain perceives that "Don't have to remember these" because you can easily find them. Our brains are not prepared to receive any additional information, not prepare them for long-term memory. And may reduce the size of receiving data into memory (memory capacity)
At the same time, if it is to "remember information" by itself, as in the old days when Google was not yet easily accessible, we must "remember" that information as "compulsory", even when stressed builds on those memories. But sometimes this little stress can benefit the brain to function at its best.